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9º Encontro Científico Internacional para Estudos sobre Som e Instrumentos Musicais


9th International Scientific Meeting for Sound and Musical Instrument Studies


Castelo Branco, Portugal



v. 29/09/2020






23/09/2020 – 1/10/2020

Art Residence |  ANIMUSIC – Project Erdissol

Activities and constructive discussions promoted at Quinta da Lira, for the recognition, conservation and development of cultural heritage. Quinta da Lira, the headquarters of ANIMUSIC, is an experimental ecological and bio-diversity setting in the middle of the forest, with a self-sustainable system.


The Art Residence Autumn-2020 has been offered to two musicians:

Peyman Kafshdoozha (Iran)

Mathieu Clavel (France)



Quinta da Lira, S. Vicente da Beira, Castelo Branco

18:00h  [recital] Poetical archlute

Peyman Kafshdoozha (Iran), archilute / arquialaúde



Castelo Branco

18:00h  [concert]  Chiaroscuro 

Peyman Kafshdoozha (Iran), archlute / arquialaúde

[Image from the Recital in Quinta da Lira, on the 23rd of September 2020.]

QL_Peyman recital-2.jpg




Museu Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior, Castelo Branco

10:00h  Registo e informação | Registration and information

Sessão I | Session 1

Coordenação | Chair: Carlos Semedo

10:30h  Boas-vindas e informação| Welcome to participants and general information

10:45h  Baroque dances for the Dukes Farnese: The Balletti Correnti Gighe & Sarrabande per Camera (1669) by Frà Elzeario Pizzoni O. F. M.: a specimen of a conjectural reconstruction realized in our day of 75% of a lost dance instrumental collection

Mario Genesi (Italia)

11:15h  Visit to the Museu Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior

12:00h  pausa para café | coffee break

12:20h  [lecture-demonstration]  On ‘animated tones’: akouphenomena in service of Music, with a focus on the dying art of the Indian tanpura tuning and maintenance

Martin Spaink (Holland)


13:00h  almoço | lunch


Sessão II | Session 2

Coordenação | Chair: Giulio Salvadori

14:30h  Visual encounters with sound

Patrícia Lopes Bastos (Portugal)

15:00h The cauldron. Origins and cultural reproduction in the region of La Vera (Extremadura, Spain)

Martín Gómez-Ullate (España) & Pilar Barrios Manzano (España)

15:30h  [lecture-recital]  Alberto Gomes da Silva harpsichord Sonatas: The distinctive voice of the

mixed style in portuguese keyboard repertoires

João Paulo Janeiro (Portugal), harpsichord

16:10h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão III | Session 3

Coordenação | Chair: Patrícia Lopes Bastos

16:30h  [study roundtable]  Encounters: organological terminology

18:00h  [recital]  Finding past music pearls

Mario Genesi (Italia), piano


19:30h  Jantar-banquete | Dinner-banquet





ANIMUSIC headquarters, S. Vicente da Beira


Sessão IV | Session 4

9:00h  Instrumental Techniques’ Interchange. On Processes of Importing and Exporting Techniques in the Composition and Performance of Contemporary Music

Agustín Castilla-Ávila (España/Austria)

9:30h  The arts in confinement

Antonia Soulez (France)

10:00h  [online in loco visualization] The documentation and reconstruction of the instruments of Alfonso X: a unique collection

Jota Martínez (España)

10:40h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão V | Session 5

11:00h  Perceptual comparison of the pleasantness of low-register instruments

Noam Amir (Israel) & Ofer Dana (Israel) & Dana Gertz (Israel)

11:30h  Music notation for the Bohlen-Pierce instruments

Christian Klinkenberg (Belgium)

12:00h  [recital]  trans-Art impromptu

Astrid Rieder (Austria) & Norbert Sprave (Austria)


13:00h  almoço | lunch


Sessão VI | Session 6

14:00h  Application of microtonality by Lithuanian composers from 1970s to the recent decades: a response to microtonal movement in contemporary music

Rima Povilioniene (Lithuania)

14:30h  Human Voice or ‘Bleating of a Nannygoat’? Authentic construction peculiarities of Vox humana from Lithuanian baroque organs

Girėnas Povilionis (Lithuania)

15:00h  [lecture-ex]  The flageolet and recorder in late seventeenth-century England

Douglas MacMillan (UK) & Isobel Clarke (UK)


15:40h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão VII | Session 7

16:00h  Sound: perception, conception and value in the Pre-Hispanic Andes

Carlos Mansilla Vásquez (Peru)

16:30h  Musical practices, oral traditions and "instruments for practice" among indigenous cultures in Latin America: a brief approach to a huge universe

Edgardo Civallero (Columbia)

17:00h  [lecture-recital]  The ‘flauta rociera’ (Andalusian tabor and pipe): constructive characteristics and

their influence in modality and tonality

Antonio Temprano (España)

17:40h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão VIII | Session 8

18:00h  [lecture-with video-recorded examples] Invitation to a unique musical journey through the Persian land (showing the various styles of Iranian music)

Mathieu Clavel (France)

19:00  [lecture-demonstration] Musical instruments as a showcase of cultural heritage interchange

Pilar Barrios Manzano (España) & Grupo de Investigación "Patrimonio musical, cultura y educación"

("Musical Heritage, Culture and Education" Research Group), Teacher Training College, University of Extremadura, Spain





ANIMUSIC headquarters, S. Vicente da Beira


Sessão IX | Session 9

09:30h  Musical instruments from magical practices of pre-Christian origin of winter customs in Romania

Ovidiu Papana (Romania)

10:00h  Material and geometric properties of Cymbals

Malte Münster ( Deutschland)

10:30h  Soundscapes in the rural and urban environment: the role of bells in human lives

Helena Santana (Portugal) & Rosário Santana (Portugal)

11:00h  [lecture-recital | Special Homage to Beethoven (1770-1827)]  Miss. Ta. Ken. Beethoven

Zami Ravid (Israel)


12:00h almoço | lunch


Sessão X | Session 10


13:30h  Por entre pancadas, pesadas e crescendos: ouvindo os “excessos” dos bombos em seus múltiplos sentidos

Lucas Wink (Portugal)

14:00h  La virginale d’Henri Van Casteel, maillon manquant de l’histoire des ‘clavicordios

Pascale Vandervellen (Belgium)

14:30h  [lecture-recital]  Let´s go Super.’ The idea of a Super instrument in the context of contemporary piano repertoire

Hans-Peter Gasselseder (Austria/Denmark) & Maria Kallionpää (Finland/UK)

15:10h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão XI | Session 11

15:30h  Talking’ trumpets in the African diaspora: the case of Suriname

Stewart Carter (USA)

16:00h  No bones about it: “Making do” and innovating with animal materials in contemporary sitar-making traditions

Aruna Kharod (USA)

16:30h  Reconstructing the pedal steel guitar: creative marginality, technology and

masculinity in musical instrument making

Daniel Neill (Canada)

17:30h  Beberete | Cocktail

Encerramento do Congresso de Organologia 2020 | Closing of the Organological Congress 2020

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