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Last update: version 25th August 2021

Images of Gardunha: the lake Marateca, where we shall go swim at a Workshop break,
and the river Ocreza that is one of its afluents (credit: PLBastos)


10º Encontro Científico Internacional para Estudos sobre Som, Música e Instrumentos Musicais


10th International Scientific Meeting for Sound, Music, and Musical Instrument Studies


Gardunha mountain – Fundão – Castelo Branco
Central Portugal


v. 25/08/2021





ANIMUSIC – Project Erdissol

Activities and constructive discussions promoted at Quinta da Lira, for the recognition, conservation and development of cultural heritage. Quinta da Lira, the headquarters of ANIMUSIC, is an experimental ecological and bio-diversity setting in the middle of the forest, with a self-sustainable system.

Quinta da Lira, S. Vicente da Beira

[Workshop] Making marimbas with bambu

Luís do Vale (Portugal) 

For nformation about the Workshop | Contactar para mais informações:




FUNDÃO and region


A Moagem - Cidade do Engenho e das Artes

Largo da Estação, n. 8 (near the train station)

08:30h  Registo e informação | Registration and information

09:00h-13:00h  Guided visit to Fundão (museums and cultural landmarks) including:

-*Casa do Bombo: The deep resonance of the ‘bombo’ – experiencing the traditional construction of a large drum using goat skin

-*Casa do Barro: Handling clay for sonorous objects

Green Park | Parque Verde

13:00h  Smart lunch | Almoço ligeiro [offered to the Congress participants | oferecido aos participantes do Congresso]

Câmara Municipal do Fundão – Salão Nobre

Session 1 | Sessão I

14:00h  Musical moment – solemn opening of the Organological Congress 2021  |  Momento Musical – abertura solene do Congresso de Organologia 2021

Tomás Leitão*, saxophone (Portugal) & Afonso Primo*, percussion (Portugal)

*Finalists from the Academy of Music and Dance of Fundão (to whom we are highly thankful)

[demonstration] Adufe - uma visão organológica | 'Adufe’ – an organological view

Bruna Fonseca Vaz (Portugal)

14:50h  Legacy of sound producing in baroque pipe-organ stop ‘Vox Humana’: impact of chemical

composition on timbre quality

Girėnas Povilionis (Lithuania)

15:10h  Variety of microtone notation in contemporary Lithuanian music

Rima Povilioniene (Lithuania)

15:30h  A ‘Viola dos Corações’ em Cabo Verde | The ‘hearts-viola’ in Cape Verde

Eduardo Loio (Portugal)

15:50h  [lecture-demonstration] Construção artesanal de bombos no concelho do Fundão | Traditional construction of bass drums in the municipality of Fundão

André Mota Veiga (Portugal)

[demonstration] The making of the bombo in Lavacolhos

Américo Simão (Portugal)


16:20h  Coffee break | Pausa para café



16:30h  Departure for a guided visit to *Alpedrinha

18:00h  [concert] The sound from times of the Iberian organ at the Igreja Matriz of Alpedrinha

Girėnas Povilionis (Lithuania) & Jean Louchet (France) & Patrícia Bastos (Portugal)

[We are grateful to the respective Paróquia/Diocese and to Sr. Pe. Valter Duarte, for the permission to offer a concert to the community in this special place.]


*A bus is generously provided by the Municipality of Fundão (to whom we express our utmost gratitude for all support given), in order to bring participants to the various locations outside Fundão city, including Lavacolhos, Telhado and Alpedrinha.


19:30h  Dinner | Jantar


Capela de S. Francisco

Largo de S. Francisco (historical center of Fundão)

21:00h  [concert] Ancient West and middle East in dialogue

Peyman Kafshdooza, archlute & setar-Persian lute (Iran)

[We are grateful to the respective Paróquia/Diocese and to Sr. Pe. Helder Lopes, for the permission to offer a concert to the community in this special place.]




ANIMUSIC headquarters, Quinta da Lira, S. Vicente da Beira

Session 2 | Sessão II

9:00h  Time – of sound. To sound….. or not to sound…..

Patrícia Lopes Bastos (Portugal)

09:20h  The ethnical identity in the timbre of rhythmical improvisation: the case of ritual music in Tunisia

Ali Chams Eddine (Tunisia)

09:40h  An overview on digital technology and handcrafting processes applied to ancient instruments

Angela Bellia (Italia)

10:00h  [vídeo & discussion] Video-edition for public presentations: the National Library of Laos and its specific aesthetics in 2021

Thongbang Homsombat (Laos)


10:30h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 3 | Sessão III

11:00h  Expressive timing and mechanical instruments: exploring temporal idiomaticity in music box


Claire McGinn (UK / Nederlands)

11:20h  Modernity from the past, a new violin based on traditional Italian lutherie and inspired by nature

Massimo de Bonfils (Italia)

11:40h  The acoustemology of Tboli music instruments

Earl Clarence Jimenez (Philippines)

12:00h  [lecture-recital]  Mozartiana: a new CD for the grand piano label performed on tangentenflügel and pantalon

Michael Tsalka*, piano (Israel-Nederlands) & Pooya Radbon (Iran / Deutschland)

[*Head of the Keyboard Department at the Vanke Meisha Arts Academy (VMAA) in Shenzhen, China]


12:40h  Smart lunch | Almoço ligeiro 


Session 4 | Sessão IV

13:10h  The female presence in the orchestra

Francesca Guerrasio (Italia)

13:30h  An introduction to the “Kaba Zurna” tradition in Turkey

Ali Fuat Aydin (Türkiye)

13:50h  Rituals and rites, tempo and spaces in music and dance on both sides of the


Helena Santana (Portugal) & Rosário Santana (Portugal)

14:10  [lecture-demonstration] Sigal Music Museum

Michael Lynn (USA)


14:40h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 5 | Sessão V

15:00h  How to sound-guide large groups of people: an ecomusical project in the Shanghai Zoo

Gisa Jähnichen (Deutschland / China) & Paula Stefanini (Brasil)

15:20h  Conch shells and biscuit tins: Caribbean composers challenge conventional orchestration

Christine Gangelhoff (USA / Bahamas)

15:40h  The Holoent and the Muse: permaculture practices and landform listening

Alexander Karvelas (USA)

16:00h  In defense of the ‘Cithara lusitanica’

Nuno Cristo (Portugal / Canada)

16:30h  [lecture-recital] «Will a new notation system be viable?» Music of Qin (Chinese lute) and its notation systems in history: a case study of “Lament from the Changmen Palace”

Chi Feng (China / USA)

Conservatório Regional de Música de Castelo Branco

[13/08/2021: This concert is cancelled.]

18:00h  [concert] Summer sunset

Toni James, piano (UK) & Scottish Voices (Scotland, UK) & Graham Hair, composer and maestro (Australia)

[We are grateful to the Conservatoire of Castelo Branco, for the generous allowance to use the Concert-Hall, and the vibraphone for the evening concert.]

Cathedral of Castelo Branco | Sé Catedral

[13/08/2021: This concert is cancelled.]

21:00h  [concert] Inspirations – works by Graham Hair and other composers

Graham Hair, composer and maestro (Australia) & Scottish Voices (Scotland, UK) & Vasco Fazendeiro, percussion (Portugal)

[We are grateful to the respective Paróquia/Diocese and to Sr. Pe. Nuno Dias, for the permission to offer a concert to the community in this special place.]




Castelo Branco

09:00h  Guided visit to the modern organ in Igreja de S. José and demonstration

10:30h  Guided visit to the early Iberian organ at the Cathedral of Castelo Branco

José Carlos Oliveira, organ (Portugal)

11:00h  [concert] Time to sound the Cathedral’s Iberian organ – pieces by Portuguese composers and others

Jean Louchet (France) & José Carlos Oliveira (Portugal) & Patrícia Lopes Bastos (Portugal)

[We are grateful to the respective Paróquias/Diocese and to Sr. Pe. Nuno Dias, for the permission to visit and to offer a concert to the community in this special place.]


ANIMUSIC headquarters, Quinta da Lira, S. Vicente da Beira

Session 6 | Sessão VI

14:00h  An investigation of piano timbre preference based on employing equalizer to adjust the harmonic loudness

Yuxiang Cai (China) & Rui Liu (China) & Xuefeng Zhou (China)

14:20h  The Zildjian cymbal

Audrey Wozniak (USA)

14:40h  Intonation in the instruments of the brass family: a discussion about developing performance strategies

Enrique Batista Felix da Silva (Brasil) & Isaac Felix Chueke (Brasil / France)

15:00h  [lecture-recital]  Taiko: the instrument and its evidences of Japanese culture 

Juliana Saemi Murakami (Brasil) & Isaac Felix Chueke (Brasil / France)


15:40h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 7 | Sessão VII

16:00h  Afghan musical instruments in a time of peace

Mark Slobin (USA)

16:30h  [Roundtable] Time - questions

Isaac Felix Chueke (Brasil / France), moderator & Alvaro Henrique Borges (Brasil) & Luigi Antonio Irlandini (Brasil) & Yuri Behr Kimizuka (Brasil)

17:40  Numerology as a way of explanation: the Paṃchatūryanāda Classification of Musical Instruments in Buddhist Sri Lanka

Eshantha Joseph Peiris (Sri Lanka / Canada)


18:00h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 8 | Sessão VIII

18:20h  [lecture-demonstration] Western transverse flute systems through time

Rick Wilson (USA)

18:50h  ‘Bombos de Lavacolhos’ - The sound that trembles the heart

Karla Bach (Brasil)

19:10h  The two times of America

José Pérez de Arce (Chile)

19:30h  [lecture-performance media]  Legend of Passing Time with instruments and captions

Coppice: Noé Cuéllar (USA) & Joseph Kramer (USA)




ANIMUSIC headquarters, Quinta da Lira, S. Vicente da Beira

Session 9 | Sessão IX

09:00h  [lecture-demonstration] Gangha and Pattung music instruments: sounding power to community call in Banaue, Ifugao, Northern Philippines

Lilymae Franco-Montano (Philippines)

09:30h  Playing non-music on the Sri Lankan Horanawa

Chinthaka Prageeth Meddegoda (Sri Lanka)

09:50h  To sound or not to sound

Agustín Castilla-Ávila (España / Austria)

10:10h  Horns (and trumpets) of Early Medieval England: where is the archaeological evidence?

Lucy-Anne Taylor (UK)

10:30h  A study of thematic preferences of Dai/Thai music melody

Ming Cheng (China) & Xuefeng Zhou (China)


10:50h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 10 | Sessão X

11:10h  Sounds and instrument symbols of music history in the works of Alfred Schnittke and Al Ravin

Angelina Alpatova (Russia) & Vladimir Lisovoi (Russia)

11:30h The Celto-Iberian brass

Peter Holmes (UK)

11:50h  The deployment of anachronicity

Francesco Venturi (Italia / UK)

12:10h  Extra time for discs – Methods for increasing the playtime in patent specifications of music storage media

Franziska Bühl (Deutschland)

12:30h  [lecture-demonstration] A whistle pattern used in primitive burial practices

Ovidiu Papana (Romania)



13:00h Smart lunch | Almoço ligeiro


Session 11 | Sessão XI

14:00h  [panel] Sound, music, museums and instrument studies in Time

Patrícia Bastos (Portugal), moderator & Gisa Jähnichen (Deutschland / China), ICTM-SGMI – with: Miguel Zenker (Mexico) & Fanny Guillaume-Castel (France) & Esteban Marino (Mexico / UK) & Arianna Rigamonti (Italia / UK)

15:00h  Bell chiming in Slovenia: performative, functional and musical changes over time

Mojca Kovačič (Slovenia)

15:20h  [lecture-demonstration] The design and scales of Native American flutes 

Rick Wilson (USA)


15:50h  Poetic moment with flute improvisation

Kathabela Wilson (USA) & Rick Wilson


16: 00h Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 12 | Sessão XII

16:20h  Physical instruments in virtual acoustic environments. Strategies and concepts for the generation and access to virtual acoustic objects

Dominik Ukolov (Deutschland)

16:40h  Digitizing piano rolls – views and perspectives for interpretation research

Heike Frike (Deutschland)

17:00h  [lecture-recital] The pendulum, the world, and Clementi

Zami Ravid (Israel)


18:00h  Cocktail – dinner | Beberete – jantar

Ten years of ANIMUSIC congresses

Encerramento do Congresso de Organologia 2020 | Closing of the Organological Congress 2020

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