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How to get to Coimbra

By train:

The train company "Comboios de Portugal" has frequent, direct and fast trains to Coimbra, called 'Alfa Pendular' or 'Inter-cidades' (inter-cities). The train website has English translation, with all the time schedules and prices, and you can buy your ticket online, although not really an advantage unless you buy with 5 or 8 days in advance (65% discount). In any case, look for special promotions and also for the senior discount of 50% off. More information at:

Coimbra - is a charmer...

the inspirer of thousands of melodies and love, with so much to see and experience... We shall make all the best to make you feel an unique and unforgetable experience.

This "students town" (and we are going to be precisely where one of the oldest universities of the world was founded) is located in central Portugal, with easy public transportation from either the north (from Porto airport) or from the south (from Lisboa's airport).

You might prefer to take the train, from Oriente Station in Lisboa or Campanhã in Porto, or the bus, or rent a car (and get there easily with A1 highway), or any other means now available with an online search.

By bus:

From Lisboa the main stations are Sete Rios or Oriente, which you can reach by metro from the airport, and from Porto you can have a bus from the airport or Campanhã. There are various companies, and the ticket can be purchased online.

More information at the main company's website, in English:

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