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v. 18/07/2023



Museu da Ciência, Universidade de Coimbra

10:00h  Guided visit to the Museum of Science of the University of Coimbra (special: acoustic and anthropological collections) | Visita guiada ao Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra (especial: colecções de instrumentos acústicos e antropologia)


Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha

12:00h  Registration| Inscrição

12:20h  Smart lunch | Almoço ligeiro

12:55h  Welcome to participants and general information | Boas-vindas e informação


Session 1 | Sessão I

Chair | Coordenação: Eduardo Loio

13:00h  ANIMUSIC – evolution towards new and encompassing horizons

Patrícia Lopes Bastos (Portugal)

13:20h  Soundboard convexity: why it matters

Jean Louchet (France)

14:00h  [lecture-demonstration] The single-reed aerophone musical instruments – their primitive relatives

Ovidiu Papana (Romania)


14:30h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 2 | Sessão II


15:00h  [lecture-demonstration] Art as a cultural phenomenon in the spiritual identity of man

Max Stern (Israel)

15:40h  [lecture-demonstration] Interspecies interaction in sound art through dialogue

Annie Morrad (UK)

16:20h  [lecture-recital] Ferdinand Ries’ Fantasy in A-flat Major on Schiller’s poem “Resignation” (1821)

Michael Tsalka (Israel/China, Mexico)

17:00h  [lecture-recital] Musical instruments and their influence in the compositional styles (traditional and modern creations)

José Lezcano (Cuba/USA)

17:40h  [book presentation] How many strings to make a guitar | Com quantas cordas se faz uma guitarra

Jorge Carvalho (Portugal)


18:00h  [concert] Centenary inspiration

Da Viola à Toeira

Felipe Barão (Brasil/Portugal)

     Serenade to Mondego

     Guitarrinhos do Mondego (Portugal)




Convento São Francisco

Session 3 | Sessão III


09:00h  Brief considerations on the exhibition of musical instruments as functional objects in a museological context

Cláudia Furtado (Portugal)

09:20h  Comparative study of the manufacturing of the ‘dotâr’, long-necked lute from Iran and central Asia

Farrokh Vahabzadeh (Iran/France)

09:40h  Maracatu’s ‘alfaia’: a percussion sign of diaspora and transnational culture

Luiz Ribeiro Fonseca (Brasil)

10:00h  [group lecture-recital] Cross-cultural instrumentation

Integrative-synthesis in ‘Oumuamua for Kanun and String Quartet’

Dimitri Papageorgiou (Greece)

    Tinnitus of tradition within a contemporary context – ‘EMVOES for kanun, lyre and stereo electronics’

    Vasiliki Legaki (Greece)

        The benefits of cross-cultural music/instrumentation projects: a brief review of

        ‘Gereh II for oud and fixed media’

        Arshia Samsaminia (Greece)


11:00h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 4 | Sessão IV

Chair | Coordenação: Diane Thram

11:20h  The stone and the man: when sound rebounds from ancestral traditions

Helena Santana (Portugal) & Rosário Santana (Portugal)

11:40h  Associação Xarabanda: forty years looking for a dream

Jorge Torres (Portugal) & Rui Camacho (Portugal)

12:00h  A guitar on the move: the probable origin of the two hearts guitar in Cape Verde

Eduardo Loio (Portugal) & Nuno Cristo (Portugal/Canada)


12:30h Smart lunch | Almoço ligeiro


Session 5 | Sessão V

Chair | Coordenação: Jean Louchet

13:00h  Eva Ybarra’s “curious” accordion in the hypermasculine world of Tex-Mex Conjunto music

Cathy Ragland (USA)

13:30h  The alteration of construction elements in the rehabilitation of concert halls: the case study of the auditorium of the National Conservatory's School of Music

Francisco Santiago (Portugal) & Filipe Martins (Portugal) & Octávio Inácio (Portugal)

14:00h  Cognition of intonation: from the objectified properties of sound to the construction of artistic

consciousness - the TemperApp project

Elisa Barbessi (Italia/France)


14:30h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 6 | Sessão VI

Chair | Coordenação: Helena Santana

15:00  The Classical Orchestra of the Centre of Portugal: incentives to research and creativity

Emília Cabral Martins (Portugal)

15:15h [lecture-recital] Looking back – Stepping forward | Creation through the spectrum of tradition

[conjoint with the Orquestra Clássica do Centro]

Dimitris Andrikopoulos (Greece/Portugal) & Ângela da Ponte (Portugal) & Miguel Amaral (Portugal)

16:00h [open panel] Old for new - traditional and folk instruments in modern composition


17:30h Coffee break


18:00h  [concert] Summer evening – Entardecer estivo

Toni James (UK), piano solo


19:30h Dinner by the river Mondego, with the sun setting | Jantar ao som do rio Mondego, ao pôr-do-sol


Pavilhão do Centro de Portugal

21:00h  [concert] Crossing musical frontiers

Graham Hair (Australia/UK), composer and director & Scottish Voices (Scotland, UK) & Nick Bailey (UK), electronics




Seminário Maior, Salão S. Tomás

09:00h  Welcome – with an introduction to the historic Seminário Maior | Boas-vindas e introdução ao histórico Seminário Maior

Sr. Padre Nuno dos Santos, Reitor do Seminário Maior


Session 7 | Sessão VII


09:20h  [lecture-demonstration] Opposition in unambiguous feedback: violinist and pianist’s analysis ideas have their own professional imprints in the creation and performance of Brahms Violin Concerto Op. 77

Siyao Chen (China) & Xuefeng Zhou (China)

09:50h  Let’s talk about the Cochlear Implant and its impact on our understanding of sound

David Friedrich (Australia)

10:10h  ‘The West in the Eyes, The East in the Ears’ at one meeting point

Gisa Jähnichen (Deutschland)


10:30h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 8 | Sessão VIII

Chair | Coordenação: Gilberto Pereira

10:50h  [lecture-demonstration] Making music through the "end times": cultivating the classical tradition in the age of the "War on Everything"

Graham Hair (Australia/UK) & Margaret McAllister (USA) & Nick Bailey (UK)

11:30h  Musical instruments and palimpsestic memory

Stephen Cottrell (UK)

11:50h  The Iberian organs of the Igreja da Sagrada Família at the Seminário Maior and the Capela de S. Miguel at the University of Coimbra – an introduction

Paulo Bernardino (Portugal)


12:15h  [concert] Portuguese and Italian repertoire of the early 18th-century

Mario Genesi (Italia), organ


13:00h  Smart lunch | Almoço ligeiro


Session 9 | Sessão IX

Chair | Coordenação: Paulo Bernardino

13:50h  [lecture-demonstration with performance]  Piano inside-out: avant-garde piano sonorities, techniques, and repertoire, and the new expressive, sonorous, and performance elements they introduce

Mira Kruja (USA)

14:30h  A Venetian “cahier” of Versets and Sonatas ascribable to Francesco Gasparini (1661-1727) in the Biblioteca Marciana: hypotheses about its origin, destination and use within the Pio Ospedale della Pietà in Venice

Mario Genesi (Italia)

14:50h  [lecture-demonstration] “Tell me, Viola!” - The viola ‘toeira’ as an instrument-archive

Felipe Barão (Brasil/Portugal)

15:10h  Koenig: a arte de construir instrumentos acústicos

Catarina Pires (Portugal) & Gilberto Pereira (Portugal)


15:30h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 10 | Sessão X

Chair | Coordenação: Patrícia Bastos

15:50h  Viola, cavaquinho, machete: Portuguese guitars in the Americas

Thomas Garcia (Brasil/USA)

16:20h  Decolonize and revive: conditions for accessibility and reuse

Diane Thram (USA/South Africa)

16:40h  [[lecture-demonstration] Self-reflective experimental ethnomusicology

Eduardo Loio (Portugal)


17:00h  Visit of the Iberian organ at the Chapel of S. Miguel, University of Coimbra, with Paulo Bernardino (Master organist of the Chapel) | Visita ao órgão da Capela de S. Miguel, na Universidade de Coimbra, com o Mestre organista Paulo Bernardino


Capela S. Miguel, Universidade de Coimbra

18:00h  [concert] Ancient music tiles

Jean Louchet (France) & Paulo Bernardino (Portugal)


19:00h  Visit to the Music Museum of Coimbra | Visita ao Museu da Música de Coimbra


Colégio da Graça*

19:30h  [concert] Coimbra music of the 19th-century

Toeira Trupe (Portugal)


20:00h Banquet dinner, with candlelight, at the cloisters | Banquete nos claustros, à luz das velas



*Colégio da Graça: where one of the oldest universities in the world was born, Universidade de Coimbra.




Conservatório Regional de Coimbra

Session 11 | Sessão XI


09:30h  The relationship between colours and music in research for psycho-physical well-being

Francesca Settipani (Italia)

09:50h  Revival of the ancient ‘gusli’ in Veliky Novgorod. In memory of musicologist and restorer Vladimir Ivanovich Povetkin (1943-2010)

Angelina Alpatova (Russia) & Vladimir Lisovoi (Russia)

10:10h  Multimodal digitization and virtualization strategies for musical instruments using the example of pipe organs

Dominik Ukolov (Deutschland)

10:30h  [lecture-demonstration] Suite of Movements: Motion and Emotion

Agustín Castilla-Ávila (España/Austria)


11:00h  Coffee break | Pausa para café


Session 12 | Sessão XII


11:30h  Proportions of the depicted portative organs in relation to bodily proportions of the medieval musicians

Jurij Dobravec (Slovenija)

11:50h  On how to make the reeds, after Etienne Ozi's (1754-1813) ‘Nouvelle Methode de Basson'

Kaori Yokoyama (Japan/France)

12:10h  Simplifying the understanding and composition of microtones with microtonal planes

Luke Anthony Villavicencio (USA)

12:30h  The War Trumpet myth: the agonistic salpinx/tuba in the Graeco-Roman games

Peter Holmes (UK)


Conservatório Regional de Coimbra

14:30h  [creativity workshop] Sounding by making or making by sounding…

Eduardo Loio & Patrícia Lopes Bastos

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