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Given our extraordinary research area, we are very fortunate to be able to encourage practical demonstrations - we are indeed honoured and thankful to the generous offers of workshops, recitals, concerts and impromptus by the great scientists and artists who have so much contributed to the natural involvement of our “always unique” meetings.


ANIMUSIC gratefully acknowledges the CO2019OC gracious host, the Câmara Municipal de Belmonte (Municipality of Belmonte), for all the extensive and generous support, and the Pousada de Belmonte for their special offers, besides all our partners and individual assistants, and most especially the generous financial contribution from Dr Eng Giulio Salvadori, a help that allows this conference to happen, Furthermore, Dr Eng Giulio Salvadori has offered two 'Student' Grants, and one 'Unknown Culture' Grant to encourage academic works on musical instruments, and ANIMUSIC has offered two "Friends of ANIMUSIC" grants, for those who have intensely contributed along the years to the success of these congresses, being fully dedicated, all their lives, to the communication of the cultural and scientific importance of musical instruments.


We are very much looking for contributions to add to our museum. So, if you are coming to Portugal, or from another place in Portugal, and you would like to visit our small museum at Quinta da Lira (ANIMUSIC’s headquarters), please contact us. If you are coming in September, for instance, would you be able to bring an instrument, second hand, which could be exhibited in the congress, and also be included in the museum we are creating? We very much look forward to have instruments from other regions, so your contribution is highly appreciated – we pay for the musical instruments (if not a generous gift from you), within a reasonable price, we definitely need to know your price in advance. It can be “non playable”, but playable would be better, because the idea of the museum is to have the instruments being shown, as objects, and to exemplify, with the sound, whenever possible. The Erdissol project and Museum, which is free, also brings to the general public the necessary awareness about the importance and need to acknowledge the rich human and natural heritage in order to better preserve it.

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‘Student’: if you are a student.

‘Friends of ANIMUSIC’: if you have been to at least two Organological Congresses, and will bring a relevant contribution, like instruments for the museum, or offer a concert, for instance.

‘Unknown Culture’: offered to a precious contribution about a culture that is clearly less generally known.

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