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8º Encontro Científico Internacional para Estudos sobre Som e Instrumentos Musicais


8th International Scientific Meeting for Sound and Musical Instrument Studies


Belmonte, Portugal



v. 16/09/2019





Setembro | September 2019





Museu Judaico de Belmonte

Sessão I | Session 1

Coordenação | Chair: Patrícia Bastos

09:00h  Registo e informação | Registration and information

09:30h  Boas-vindas e informação| Welcome to participants and general information

09:40h  From pears to bananas: Malmsjö’s Bananflygeln – straight bridge pianos

Jean Louchet (France)

10:00h  [Lecture-demonstration] The flute of Pierre Gabriel Buffardin and his rebirth

Michael Lynn (USA)

10:40h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão II | Session 2

Coordenação | Chair: Nick Bailey

11:00h  Drums and traps (Idiophones) for the musical accompaniment of movies

Éric Sauda (France)

11:20h  “Umanophonia” and “Multifon” by Joaquin Orellana: music in protection of the world

Angelina Alpatova (Russia) & Vladimir Lisovoi (Russia)

11:40h  ‘The Wicklow pipes’ – a pre-historic seven note scale

Simon O’Dwyer (Ireland)


12:00h  almoço | lunch


13:30h  Visita cultural na região (viagem gentilmente oferecida pela Câmara Municipal de Belmonte) | Cultural visit in the region, including ‘Villa da Quinta da Fórnea’ and ‘Torre Centum Cellas’, archaeological sites (bus trip generously offered by the Municipality of Belmonte)


Auditório Municipal de Belmonte

Sessão III | Session 3

Coordenação | Chair: Jean Louchet

16:30h  [lecture-demonstration] A Piano embassy: technical features of a complex sound

Jérôme Riquez (France)

17:00h  [debate] ‘Quando la musica diventa persecuzione’ – musical pollution in modern cities

Debate inspired by the work of Giuseppina LaFace, from the University of Bologna (Italia)

18:00h  [recital] Piano ao entardecer… - Piano at dusk…

Mario Genesi (Italia), piano


19:00h  livre | free


Igreja de Santiago

21:00h  [concert] Encanto sagrado... – Sacred enchantment…

Graham Hair (Australia/UK), composer; director & Sharron Griffiths, harp & Scottish Voices (UK)




Museu Judaico de Belmonte

Sessão IV | Session 4

Coordenação | Chair: Francesco Carreras

09:00h  An approach made for a possible integration of the musical acoustic phenomenon within the manifestations based on the concept of the immutable laws of universal order

Ovidiu Papana (Romania)

09:20h  A didactic-made Pythagorean Monochord: considerations between ancient and/or modern- epoch sources and classroom experiencing in an Italian compulsory-school class

Mario Genesi (Italia)

09:40h  Diversity of the musical instruments in the Parisian metropolitan

Alina Bystriskaya-Maintenant (France)

10:00  How art stands out in the construction of simple musical instruments and shows the having and the being of the man that wants to be a musician and an artist in the territory that he occupies

Helena Santana & Rosário Santana (Portugal)

10:20h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão V | Session 5

Coordenação | Chair: Michael Lynn

10:40h  Baroque organ stop Vox Humana in Lithuanian pipe organs: the crossing the Italian and east-central European traditions of organ building

Girenas Povilionis (Lithuania)

11:00h  “There are no better nor cheaper ones abroad”: Custódio Cardoso Pereira’s efforts to overthrow the hegemony of Parisian and Belgian wind instruments in the Portuguese musical market

Rui Magno Pinto (Portugal)

11:20h  Analysis and reproduction of keyboard instrument touch

Nick Bailey (UK)

11:40h  The ‘cembalo universale’ and the voice: tuning, temperament and the "emancipation of the consonance" with Scottish Voices and the Science and Music Research Group

Graham Hair (Australia/UK) & Nick Bailey (UK)

12:00  The scientific aspect of trans-Art

[art performance] trans-Art - Dialogue between sound and drawing

Astrid Rieder (Austria) & Maria Inês Pires, saxophone (Portugal)


12:45h  almoço | lunch


Museu Judaico de Belmonte

Sessão VI | Session 6

Coordenação | Chair: Graham Hair

14:00h  [workshop] trans-Art experience

Astrid Rieder & Maria Inês Pires, saxophone

15:00h  The bells and their ringing-tones in the province of León (Spain): tradition, present, and manual playing, as an intangible world patrimony

Héctor-Luis Suárez Pérez (España)

15:20h  The revitalization process of the viola toeira - contexts, practices and protagonists

Rui Marques (Portugal)

15:40h  Prof. Romeo Orsi, clarinet virtuoso, inventor, entrepreneur

Francesco Carreras (Italia)


Igreja de Santiago

16:15h  [lecture-recital] The Indian Tanpura and the Art of Listening

Martin Spaink (The Netherlands)


17:00h  Visit to the Castle of Belmonte - Poetry Moments by Mariko Kitakubo (Japan)


Ecomuseu do Zêzere

17:30h  [demonstration]  Progressing in the construction of musical instruments

Luís Vale (Portugal)

17:50h  [demonstration] The ‘bombo’ in Lavacolhos, generations of makers

Américo Simão (Portugal)

18:10h  [demonstration] About Portuguese ‘violas’

Eduardo Loio (Portugal) / Associação Cultural Museu da Música de Coimbra / Escola de Construção de Cordofones da Associação Fado ao Centro


19:00h  livre | free


21:00h  Walk by night at the streets of Belmonte, following tradition


Auditório Municipal de Belmonte

22:00h  Non-identical twins

Zami Ravid (Israel), piano




Museu Judaico de Belmonte

Sessão VII | Session 7

Coordenação | Chair: Jörg Fiedler

09:00h  Instrument making with a mission: the unusual case of the Salvation Army

Arnold Myers (UK)

09:40h The Laborie-Rabbath double bass endpin

Alina Bystriskaya-Maintenant (France)

10:00  The ‘Magrefa’ in the Jerusalem Temple? – Nobody knows what

Zami Ravid (Israel)

10:20h  pausa para café | coffee break


Sessão VIII | Session 8

Coordenação | Chair: Zami Ravid

10:40h  Official teaching of traditional music: the Portuguese case

Patrícia Costa (Portugal)

11:00h  Computer-aided research on the literary and musical works of oral tradition belonging to the intangible heritage of humanity and how "silence" and "emptiness" in expressions and writings shape and revive these artistic corpora

Sylvaine Leblond Martin (France)

11:20h  ‘Rabeca Chuleira’, the emotional side of the study of an instrument

Maria Emiliana Silva (Portugal)

11:40h  Instrumental diversion of the ‘Guitarrón’ considered as a semi-exotic instrument

Frédérique Maintenant (France)


12:30h  Pousada de Belmonte:  Almoço | Banquet-lunch 


14:00h  [debate] Instruments of culture and peace

Introduction by Patrícia Lopes Bastos (Portugal)

14:45h  [poetry recital] The traveler

Mariko Kitakubo (Japan)

15:00h  [recital] Over Belmonte…

Jörg Fiedler (Switzerland), flute & Michael Lynn (USA), flute

16:00h Encerramento do CO2019 | Closing of the OC2019





Universidade Sénior de Belmonte, sede

Curso sobre construção de instrumentos em bambú | Workshop on bambu instruments construction

Prof. Luís Vale



ANIMUSIC – Project Erdissol

Activities and constructive discussions promoted at Quinta da Lira, for the recognition, conservation and development of cultural heritage. Quinta da Lira, the headquarters of ANIMUSIC, is an experimental ecological and bio-diversity setting with a self-sustainable system.



»Registration and most Sessions are located at the Museu Judaico de Belmonte, address: Rua da Portela, nr. 4

»The congress and activities are recorded for the ANIMUSIC's archive.

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