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Musical Instruments and Musical Education

Pythagoras' monochord - the medieval schola cantorum - keyboard lessons for “persons of taste” - the recorder movement from the 1930th onwards – “An Instrument for Every Child” (Germany 2010)…: Musical education always played its established role in the context of general education.

Musical instruments are both tools for artistic expression and teaching materials. At the same time they have a formative influence not only on musical practise but also on musical thinking and education: pre-baroque musical theory based on proportions is as profoundly linked with the monochord as 19th century's musical theory with the piano.

The focus-topic of ANIMUSIC’s Organological Congress 2017 in Porto, with the special coordination from our partner the Swiss Organological Society GEFAM, directed by Professor Jörg Fiedler, addresses interrelations between musical instruments and education in various respects, including:


  • “pedagogic” instruments: old examples – new developments

  • historic writings and preserved instruments – two sides of the same coin

  • research on historical instrument pedagogy

  • aspects of teaching historical instruments nowadays

  • historical techniques in modern instrumental training

GEFAM - Gesellschaft der Freunde alter Musikinstrumente > link to website

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