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Introduction | Introdução

The world is changing at a velocity which is challenging to follow in its growing complexity. ANIMUSIC provides a space and time to share concepts, discoveries, methodologies, experience, research and practical outcome from all fields touched by Organology (namely museology, acoustics, archaeology, education, visual arts and conservation methodologies, engineering, etc.) - a highly valued interchange which bridges science and art.


ANIMUSIC foments interdisciplinary cooperation, considered a vital key to the assessment of reality with a broad perspective. Reflections on musical instruments and their function in the sustainability of music are encouraged, both in cultural heritage and at the forefront of technological benefits. This year's special Focus on Education is coordinated by GEFAM (Switzerland); we encourage the inclusiveness of performance issues and singing. ANIMUSIC and partners welcome people from all over the world to participate in a unique meeting which gathers partakers involved in the present and future of culture, interested in knowledge exchange and open regarding different perspectives about the creative sound.


The famous city of Porto has a rich patrimony which includes the impressive number of around 50 historical organs, of which some shall be visited and demonstrated during the congress. Porto also has an important carillon in the gorgeous baroque Tower of Clerigos, besides the famous Port wine... As an extra-program, we have organised a marvellous sailing at the unique Douro (meaning "of gold") river, where the famous vineyards are cultivated on layers of centenary stone terraces.

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