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Musical moments

on the beach,

with the relaxing and yet powerful waves of the Atlantic

ocean as the 'back-motiv'...

A time for enjoying,

a time for gathering,

a time for peace.


Planned group visits to the world famous Coaches Museum (with possible demonstrations of the superb baroque sound of the Charamela Real trumpets), to the National Music Museum and to the Monastery of Jeronimos/Archaeological Museum in Lisboa, on Monday, 2nd July, and also to some unique sites nearby and in Caldas da Rainha on the following days.

Recitals & Concerts

Along the program of the congress, we have the honour to enjoy the wonderful art of excellent artists,including: singing, piano, guitar, brass instruments, replicas of ancient instruments, electronic music, etc...


On Tuesday, the 3rd of July, we start having the splendid opportunity of hands-on workshops and demonstrations.

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