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30/06/2016 | 30th June : 1st Call for Papers (priority proposals)

First 'Call for Papers' deadline | Data limite para a primeira chamada de propostas

15/07/2016 | 15th July : Communication of Acceptance for the 1st Call for Papers

Communication of acceptance by the Scientific Committee must have been received by this date, otherwise please contact the organization (email below). | Caso a resposta do Conselho Científico não tenha sido recebida, por favor contactar-nos para o endereço electrónico abaixo:

email: congressorg2016.animusic[at] // animusic.portugal[at]


31/07/2016 | 31st July : 2nd Call for Papers

Second 'Call for Papers' deadline | Data limite para a segunda chamada de propostas

15/08/2016 | 15th August: Communication of Acceptance for the 2nd Call for Papers

As the 1st CfP, above | Por favor vide acima relativamente às respostas do Conselho Científico.


31/08/2016 | 31st August

Early-bird low-fee registration deadline | Data limite para inscrição prévia com desconto

15/09/2016 | 15th September

Date limit for registration at the Post-congress Tour in Italy | Data limite para inscrição nas visitas pós-congresso em Itália


28, 29, 30/10/2016

Sessions, recitals and concerts in Tomar and Abrantes (see images below), with a special 'Flute Focus' program | Sessões, recitais e concertos em Tomar e Abrantes, com um programa especial dedicado às flautas

Exhibitions/ENCONTROIM: Tomar & Abrantes



Cultural tour and recitals: Castelo de Bode lake and region landscape (image at the initial strip, above); Constância: historical organ at the main church, Borboletario, Carillon concert; Torres Novas; Casa dos Vargos (recital at the chapel, cocktail and the closing of the Congress, to be confirmed).  Includes visiting the largest travelling carrillon in the world, the  'Carrilhão Lvsitanvs' (see image below) , with a concert by the 'International Center for the Carillon and the Organ' in Constância (link to CICO ), the fosterers of such a great project. | Visita a locais de interesse com recitais e concerto com o 'Carrilhão Lvsitanvs' pelo 'Centro Internacional do Carrilhão e do Órgão', em Constância, a Associação que criou este importantíssimo projecto (ligação ao CICO, ver imagem abaixo) .


3-13/11/2016 | from 3rd to 13th of November



Please check the program page for updated information (link).

Abrantes_castelo-ig Almeida
Abrantes_castelo entrada
Carrilhao Lvsitanvs&Ana
CT_Corredor noviciados

THEME 2016 'Times and Challenges'


As in previous years, all proposals on Organological matters are welcome to our congress, the main theme working as a trampoline for specific ideas that engender bounding threads along the various days of debates and exchange. Our themes are usually broad, naturally following the commitment to cover the various areas related to Organology and provoke sparkles of inventiveness and constructive thoughts in an interdisciplinary way.


This year’s theme promotes thoughts about what time brings, the novelty or the oblivion, about changes or the conservation of tradition. An example, which is particularly important in nowadays instrument construction and performance, is the issue of ‘originals’ and the differences brought by the ‘copies’. So to say, what was done “then in the past” related to what is being done “now in the present”, by using various different materials and methodologies, or by trying the utmost closest replica with the same building techniques, although historical objects are many times impossible to remake. The 'know how', which we understand from observing the preserved objects, is many times lost with the passing of the years and the missing link with a direct transmission from the Master crafters – even though we try hard to reach it with all the means now available. One question that can be addressed in most cases, by and large in all inventions: what happens that causes so many improvements in specific sound objects to be “ignored” and completely forgotten? Our congress addresses also the challenges in education (especially the problems derived from lack of awareness and due care…); tools and training; the fast-continuous-hard and software-upgrading which brings electronic apparatus obsolete after uttering the word “new” (as in a permanent running against time); the analysis of the past century of information generated with multimedia, versus other registration/archive forms; copyright issues, arguments and strategies; adaptation or novelty in performance brought by 'new' or changed instruments (in all types of music); the future of Organology...


Besides interesting discussions regarding organological issues from various areas of expertise, we are very happy to inform that there is a special focus on "Historical Flutes" this year, an iniciative under the direction of ANIMUSIC'S member Professor Michael Lynn (Oberlin Conservatory, USA). Top collectors and makers from America and Europe shall meet in Portugal and show their work, and excellent music on rare instruments will be performed.


Every year the ANIMUSIC congress is unique - a chance not to miss.

Times and Challenges



We welcome proposals for papers (15+5mn for questions and handover), panels (one hour), and posters, as well as demonstrations, lecture-recitals (30 to 40 minutes) and full concerts (between one hour and one and a half hour). In addition, participants, namely inventors, makers and collectors, have the possibility to show a selection of their musical instruments or designs at the Exhibition. The ENCONTROIM is a special showcase offered by ANIMUSIC and the hosts, with no charge (participation is free, and it is open to the general public). There is also a specific display area for books, scores, and other items, available during the conference days.


The common language for presentations is English. Papers may be read in Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian, provided the PowerPoint projection is in English. We also provide direct translation from other languages if necessary and possible - please contact us if you need help.




We look forward to abstracts that describe original and technically excellent research from various perspectives. The title, abstract (in English or bilingual, of up to 300 words), and a biographical note (up to 100 words) should be received by email on or before the 30th  of June of 2016. The results shall be communicated individually by middle July after being peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Papers presented at the Organological Congresses may be submitted for publication in the conference proceedings (books collection ‘Liranimus’).


Please send proposals to

For further and updated information please check this website or or contact us at the email above.


If you don’t receive an answer, please send again with Cc to: . Thank You!

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