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Introdução | Introduction

What is so special about the ANIMUSIC congresses?
These congresses unite fantastic people of all sectors of expertise,
stimulating interdisciplinary and creative dialogues.
We are a positive and constructive group,
all bound by the same joy of sharing
and of contributing to the development of one of the
most extraordinary areas of knowledge,
Organology, which unites, as no other, Science and Art.


The Art not only of sound -

of different types of creativeness, of craftsmanship, of visual impact, of technological output, and of research on history and conservation, brought by the awareness of the necessity to preserve our rich Patrimony (considered in its root-sense) which has been within the Human and Natural culture since always.

This congress is special in that it strongly advocates the
practical output of research,
with a particular emphasis in the perception of
the characteristics of the 'sound making’ and performance.
We welcome all types of proposals
(papers/posters/panels, demonstrations, lecture-recitals, concerts,
also contributions for the Exhibition/ENCONTROIM).
The participation is fundamentally based on research about sound
and the particulars of the instruments (or voice)
and the endeavours to understand
what makes them "as they are" -
the why, the when, the where, and the sound quality production and creation.

The ANIMUSIC conferences are always in a different place - why?


We promote awareness about Organology in the various regions of Portugal; the congress is open to the public (upon registration) and the Exhibition/ENCONTROIM has free entrance. Besides being an occasion for highlighting the instruments existing in the region, ANIMUSIC and participants bring their instruments to be shown in the Exhibition/ENCONTROIM, providing the chance to see and understand rare or less known cultural objects.


Complementary, those coming from abroad, some having participated in all the congresses, have thus the possibility of visiting and of knowing the diversified richnesses of this unique country - landscapes, monuments, craftsmanship, gastronomy...


ANIMUSIC promotes all activities thanks to the voluntary members and collaborators, to the generosity of the host institutions, and to the help from the Foundation for Science and Technology and our benefectors, especially Eng. Giulio Salvadori. ANIMUSIC is a non-profit association, ngo and npo. We believe in our goals and are happy to be able, with this 5th edition, to continue our collective effort. All costs are kept to the basic minimum, without profit, while offering high quality services. There is no financial benefit to ANIMUSIC - in fact the registration fee does not pay for each individual charges (food, equipment, etc.), which are covered by the benefactors. Answering ahead to the various requests we receive per year, this explains why we can't offer further financial help to participants besides the discounts to students, retired, members of various similar societies or from partner institutions. We suggest kindly to each participant to ask help at his/her own institution to pay for travel and lodging, or join in for the sake of Science & Art (as we from ANIMUSIC do, paying our expenses), having the chance to see unique things and to be with wonderful people who share the same passion.

The National Association for Musical Instruments - ANIMUSIC is an organization dedicated to the study, understanding, promotion and preservation of musical instruments and sound production, in all forms and from all periods. ANIMUSIC is unique in bringing together private individuals and institutional professionals - everyone with a serious interest in Organology and the encompassing fields this science touches.

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