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Getting there

PORTUGAL - Tomar region


Tomar (image on top shows the central square, with the Castle of the Templars above) is easily reachable by both car or public transportation. The nearest international airport is Lisboa (south-west of Tomar), but you can go from Porto's international airport as well (north of Tomar).


By car:

Coming from the east or Spain, you can go through highway A23 direction west, then go north taking the exit to A13. A few minutes later you find the exit to Tomar. From the west coast (Lisboa or Porto) you can take the A1, and then go east taking A23, exiting at A13 as before. From Lisboa it takes about 1 hour and a half to get to Tomar.

By train:

The train company "Comboios de Portugal" runs regularly to Tomar, with direct trains called "regional" (tickets, as of March 2016, cost 9,65€ from Lisboa-Oriente station, the closest from the airport). You can also take a faster train (called "intercidades" or "alfa pendular") to 'Entroncamento' and switch to a "regional" (tickets 1st class €17,60/ 2nd class €13,60), but in the end this process takes more time than a direct regional, and it is more expensive. So, better to ask for alternatives, mentioning the regional, since the ticket-seller in the counter will always refer to you the first train departing, and sometimes the difference of time for the next regional may be worth the wait. One-way takes about 2 hours time.


The train website has English translation, with all the time schedules and prices, and you can buy your ticket online, although not really an advantage unless you buy with 5 or 8 days in advance (65% discount). In any case, look for special promotions and also for the senior discount of 50% off. The service to Tomar runs from around 6am to 22pm. More information at: link


By bus:

From Lisboa the station is at Sete Rios, which you can reach by metro from the airport. The ticket can be purchased online (as of March 2016 costs 9,50€), and the trip is about 2 hours.

More information at the main company's website, in English: link

Nearby Attractions

Portugal is imbued with culture. And in Tomar and nearby reagion you have "many cultures" to explore. Above the city of Tomar you find a Unesco Heritage complex monument unique in the world: the Templars Castle, also called the "Convent of Christ" named after the Order of Christ. We kindly invite you to watch the video (versions in Portuguese and English): link here - and to have a look at the site for more information:  |  link


Besides the world famous castle, in Tomar you may visit museums (among which a private and 'matchless'/exceptional collection, the "Matchbox Museum", located at an historical monastery), ancient chapels and churches, exhibitions, a monumental aqueduct completed in 1613, pre-historic megaliths, and other cultural sites, as well as enjoy the beautiful river (Nabão), the special garden-forest (Mata dos Sete Montes), or involve yourself in some of the touristic offers prepared by the locals. You may find more information (also with English translation) at the Municiality's website under the heading "VISITAR" (= to visit): here the link.

Around Tomar you have plenty of other interesting monuments and Nature to visit. We are including in our congress some of them, including Abrantes and Castelo de Almourol. Please check the program for updated details.



Most of the meals are provided at the congress and some are included in the registration fee (two are optional), from the 28th to the 31st of October - participants are welcome to join in if a group is formed to eat together in a free time. Alternatively, you may check the many restaurants and the food of your preference with tripadvisor, for instance.



The centre offers various shops with souvenirs (usual closing time is 19:00h, some do a lunch break, others don't), or if you need, in Portugal the large commercial centres are open until 22:00h, with all sorts of goods. There are also "lojas de conveniência" (=convenience stores) open 24 hours.

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